Blizzard must be reading this geek’s mind


No, seriously. Within the past couple months, Blizzard Entertainment has made quite a few announcements ranging from new features to their newest World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm.

Most of these announcements seem to be centered over a long list of things I’ve been griping about for more than a year.

When The Burning Crusade launched in 2007, the Horde picked up Blood Elves as their new race. The first thing that was evident to me was that Blizzard had released the first race ever to not have the Warrior class. With Cataclysm’s new class/race combinations, Blood Elves pick up Warrior as a playable class.

Also coming in Cataclysm, the Horde’s new race: Goblins. Goblins hold a very dear spot in my heart. They’re easily the most entertaining race in the Warcraft mythos. Goblin Sappers in Warcraft II always brought a smile to my face. And now a band of Goblins will be joining the Horde as a playable race.

Not only do I have nothing but love for Goblins, but this also fills a hole in general on the Horde. Since WoW’s release, the Alliance have had a “small” race, Gnomes. With Burning Crusade, the Alliance gained their “big” class to compete with Tauren, the Draenei. Where was the “small” race for the Horde?

We have our answer.

One last note, Blizzard in their never-ending daily quest for money has also opened up faction changes. I’ve had a few Alliance characters begging to be moved to Horde for a year.

Sitting there unplayed. Unloved.

Now, my Human Warrior can feel loved again as my Troll Warrior.

Thanks for taking my money, Blizzard.

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