First time at the Madison Ave. Kwik Chek

I was a Midtown Memphis guy for a year. I’ve lived in Memphis my entire life. I work Downtown.

I had never, before today, entered into the Kwik Chek on Madison Ave. between Rembert and Morrison.

A very nice lunch surprise awaited me.

Looking for a quick lunch to pick up and bring back to the office, a couple co-workers and I ventured forth with the Kwik Chek as a recommendation from Mr. Alex McPeak, one of those guys that is an absolute guru for local eateries (he has yet to lead me astray).

When walking into the store, keep in mind, this is no high-end restaurant. This is a convenience store that also sells sandwiches. Don’t let the surroundings confuse you, head right back to the deli counter and stand confidently as you look over the menu posted above.

I couldn’t resist a wrap named the Hey Zeus. With a name like that, who could? With parmesan and feta cheese, who could resist it?

I wasn’t expecting a toasted wrap, but a toasted wrap is what I received. It will be hard going back to lifeless, flabby wraps after this. The wrap had just enough crisp, but not so much that you’ll end up slicing your gums on it.

The meats, chicken and roast beef, lettuce, mustard and lemon pepper dressing all blended together beautifully, but I can’t stress enough, there was also feta and parmesan. They really had me at “Hello” on this sandwich.

My compatriots had a Bloody Valentine, a vegitarian delight with habenaro sauce stuffed into a pita, and a pita stuffed with corned beef and provolone.

This trip can fall under the category of “lunch success.”

See for yourself when you’re in the area.

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