Where am I in Memphis?

I was reviewing some of the photos from my iPhone and decided I would put some of them on here to see if anyone can guess where they are.  Some are easy.  Others are fairly difficult if you haven’t left your respective neighborhoods and really explored the city and county.   There is so much more in this city than what is portrayed in newspapers and on television.  Memphis is much more than Mid-Town, Downtown, Germantown and crime-ridden neighborhoods, though you would never tell by looking at the coverage across most of the media in town.

Next week: more pics and this week’s answers.

11 thoughts on “Where am I in Memphis?”

  1. my guesses:
    Pic 1: Rhodes College
    Pic 2: ? Lictherman Nature Center
    Pic 3: S Mendenhall & Dargen
    Pic 4: ? Brooks?

  2. Jim, you got one of them correct. For those who know about the Buddha, it’s easy. Try again on all the others. I will give you a hint on the deer pic, though. Technically it’s not IN Memphis, but it is still in Shelby County. This was in a neighborhood.

  3. Stephanie got Idlewild right in one. My favorite church, at least aesthetically, in the whole of Shelby County. Much better than the warehouse-inspired architecture seen in Cordova and elsewhere, Idlewild looks like something out of a fantasy RPG.

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