Where in Memphis: Answers and more pictures

First, the answers for last week.

1.) Idlewild Presbyterian (though it does look like Rhodes)

2.) Davies Plantation (jennifer was closest with Bartlett)

3.) Mendenhall!

4.) Buddhist Temple at 3500 S Goodlett, just north of Winchester and Lamar

And here are this week’s pictures.

6 thoughts on “Where in Memphis: Answers and more pictures”

  1. I know number four, because I used to go play wargames there all the time before they closed the gaming store part of it. It’s just a warehouse now. The Games Workshop Space Marine on East Holmes Road.

  2. I knew I should have put my other picture of Sea Isle up! Everyone knows the Thor relief. The space marine is indeed located at Games Workshop on Holmes between Hickory Hill and Kirby (I happen to work across the street). And Union Extended is ALSO correct, though you must walk behind the freshly painted walls to see the kick ass graffiti.

    I’ll have to find tougher spots next week, though no. 4 is still unrecognized.

  3. Andrea, good job looking at the river for a clue. You are very close, across the street, in fact. That is an ornate cross on one of the mounds in Mound Park. I’ll have to find tougher ones for this week.

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